Election Guidelines

The following principles have been adopted by the SAPA-GA and provide guidance on how elections should be conducted and how the selection of SAPA BOD should occur:
  1. Election committee only acceptable candidacy nominations and other forms of communication from candidates and members be will via emails to sapaelection@gmail.com, a response will be expected within 24 to 48 hours.

  2. Candidates should be familiar with SAPA bylaws and should make sure that he /she is in good standing as a SAPA member.

  3. SAPA members should:

  4. Any electioneering practices that distort the democratic processes of the SAPA elections, such as vote trading for the purpose of supporting candidates, are unacceptable

  5. Candidates for elected positions should comply with the requirements and the spirit of the SAPA policy on campaigning.

  6. Incumbency should not assure the re-election of an individual to a SAPA BOD position.

  7. Service in any SAPA leadership position should not assure ascendancy to another leadership position.

  8. Emails will be sent to all recognized members eligible to vote by the committee at the start of the election processes. Members are expected to reach directly and promptly to the committee with any updates of their email addresses or if they do not receive the initial email.

  9. Pre-test of the online voting platform will be expected as another checkpoint before finalizing the voting members email list and members are required to email the committee within 24 hours if they do not receive this email.

  10. All election calendar days start at 00:00 EST and end by 23:59 EST.

  11. The SAPA elections are held under the supervision of the Election Committee according to the election procedures. All eligible members must vote at the appointed time frame before the closing of polls. Poll hours will not be extended beyond the times posted, unless votes are insufficient with less than 50% +1 votes, then voting will be extended in 2 days increments to allow for more votes. Candidates will be listed on the ballot in alphabetical order by first name only