Turn This Last Ashra Into a Blessing Unforgettable

In these last 10 days of Ramadan, your contribution to our work values more than ever. Donate your Zakat for a good cause today, seek forgiveness and salvation from Allah through your good deeds, and make a contribution that will reward you for the rest of your life.

Help Them See

With our state-of-the-art indirect ophthalmoscope, we’re able to diagnose and treat ROP with greater accuracy than ever before, ensuring that every child has the best chance at a bright and healthy future. Our team of dedicated doctors and healthcare professionals work tirelessly to diagnose and treat ROP, providing life-changing medical care to children who might otherwise face blindness. In the last Ashra of this Ramadan, give the best Sadaqah-Jariyah one can give, and let them open their eyes to a beautiful world.

Help Them Breathe

Oxygen is in dire need in other remote regions of the country. There is no access to a reliable medical oxygen supply in Aldamazeen, Zalnge, and Halfa in Sudan. Currently, medical oxygen is transported by land from the capital Khartoum, which is hundreds of miles away, resulting in significant shortages in oxygen, causing suffering and even deaths among vulnerable patients, especially children and the elderly. As SAPA, we’re committed to helping Sudanese people get the medical oxygen they need. This Ashra, you can save their lives with a simple donation.

Help Them Feed

At SAPA, we invest in development through health and education, and we believe that health begins with good nutrition. We aim to support the poor and most vulnerable families in Sudan. Make a donation in these last 10 days of Ramadan, and give them a chance to remember this Ramadan with only good memories by giving their children a chance to nourish and flourish.

Make These Last 10 Days Count

Last Ashra is considered the most important of all – it is the best time to contribute, give Zakat and pray for salvation. Make a donation to SAPA today, give the gift of light, fresh air, and a warm meal to someone in desperate need, and earn Allah’s (SWT) blessings.

Support the Vulnerable in the Last Ashra of Ramadan

We invite you to join us in saving and improving lives in the last Ashra of Ramadan. Whether you’re able to contribute financially, or simply want to learn more about our work and spread our name, we welcome your support.

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