2022 Board of Election Procedures​

The Election Committee will be carried according to SAPA Bylaw article 10 Section 2

Members of the committee

Husham Gabralla

Hind Elhassan

Nisrin Awad Fadul

Announcements of candidacy

Individuals intending to seek election and/or nomination for the Board of Directors (BOD), should make their intentions known to the Election Committee and SAPA members in accordance with the election timelines.

Nominations, Vetting & Grievance

The Election Committee will check the eligibility of all candidates as described in the Bylaws. The Election Committee Coordinator will ensure that all information related to different candidates is posted through the Election committee email and/or SAPA election WhatsApp group in coordination with the media office in a timely fashion according to the election schedule.

The Election Committee solicits any grievance or objections from SAPA members about candidates after the initial nomination of candidates to be resolved prior to the announcement of nominees by the Election Committee according to the election schedule.

Conflict-of-interest disclosures

All candidates are required to disclose any conflict of interests and state any affiliations with any movement, group or party that is political, social, religious or ideological in nature.


Announcements of candidacy are considered separate and distinct from active campaigning. Active campaigns for SAPA BOD cannot be granted until the Election Committee has announced the nominees for the board.

Active campaigning includes mass outreach activities such as letters or emails directed to all or a significant portion of the members of the SAPA-GA, communicated by or on behalf of the candidate. Candidates can also utilize the election WhatsApp group that will be created by the media office specifically for election purposes as a platform to publicly present their biographies along with announcing their vision and ideas.

The SAPA Election committee will monitor the campaigning process and strive to be fair to all candidates and correct any irregularities.