SAPA Advocacy Activities

 In May 2019, SAPA, represented by Dr. Shaza Elmahdi, participated as a speaker to the Committee on human Rights of the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine biannual meeting and later in July 2019 presented at the UN meeting in Geneva.

SAPA participated in efforts to create a “secretary” to coordinate advocacy activities, e.g marches, town-hall meetings with senators…etc. In this area of advocacy work, SAPA’s participation will be focused on coordinating efforts to establish the secretary, attend meetings and participate in decision making and participate in the group’s activities along the line of advocacy and to serve SAPA’s vision, missions and goals. SAPA will not make any financial commitments to any events organized by these groups unless approved by the BOD. Financial transactions will be carried out according to SAPA’s policies and will be carried out with 501C3 designated organizations spirit.

SAPA’s ambassador program:
By recruiting SAPA members in every state, the goal is to support SAPA’s congress outreach to advocate for SAPA’s future advocacy work in the fields of human rights and healthcare delivery. Each SAPA member will be charged with delivering SAPA’s communications to congress members, interacting with and motivating the Sudanese community in his/her area to advocate for Sudan through active engagement with their congress members.