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Pediatric Chapter


The mission of the Chapter of Pediatrics is to attain optimal health of children in Sudan and the United States. The Chapter shall support the needs of the profession of pediatrics in Sudan and the USA.


 Our vision is to collaborate with health care professionals, communities, and health systems to promote and advance children’s health through patient care, education, research, and advocacy.


Pediatrics Chapter’s goal is to:

  • Improve the health and well-being of the Sudanese children.
  • Support the profession of pediatrics in the USA and Sudan.
  • Advocate for the children in Sudan and USA
  • Promote reciprocity between institutions in the USA and Sudan.

The Chapter of Pediatrics will work to achieve its goals and vision through collaborations with health care professionals, communities, and health systems.

The Chapter has designed short term and long-term projects to attain its goals.


  • Supporting the profession of Pediatrics in Sudan
    • January 2020- pediatric educational workshops. Among the topics covered by the workshops were fluid and electrolyte management, sickle-cell emergencies
    • May 2020- COVID and the pediatrician. Live online lectures were given covering the management of pediatric and neonatal patients with COVID for the pediatrician
  • Improving the Health and well-being of the children of Sudan
    • June 2020- SAPA sponsored the creation of a COVID-isolation unit in Jaafar Ibn Auf Teaching Hospital
    • Upcoming long-term projects: Jaffar Ibn Auf Children’s Hospital Rehabilitation Project
    • Upcoming long-term projects: Pediatric Primary Health Care Project
Dr Ayah ُُElmoghrabi

Ayah Elmaghrabi

Chair ​

Dalia Bashir


Medicine Chapter

The internal medicine chapter is SAPA’s largest professional chapter. Our office encompasses trainees and graduates of internal medicine programs. Numerous members of our chapter hold subspecialties certification in various fields in medicine. We believe that our chapter is a platform for our members to establish and broaden their professional connections. It also serves as a method of sharing knowledge and discussing advancements in medicine and staying up to date with our understanding.

In alignment with SAPA’s mission, we strive to share our experiences with our colleagues in Sudan. Our educational mission is aimed to benefit Sudanese doctors and patients alike. We work with close collaboration with the academic office to provide our professional help in preparing the Sudanese graduates for their residency process, especially since the majority of applications are for internal medicine residency. For our colleagues in Sudan and their patients, we provide lectures on particular topics of interest. These lectures are aimed to aid our colleagues and geared towards our beloved Sudan’s needs. We aspire to create a review series covering internal medicine, and that will be readily available for years to come.

Khalid Ahmed

Chair ​

Mazin Khalid


Pathology Chapter

Abubaker Elshaikh

Chair ​

Mugahed Hamza


Surgery Chapter

Formed as part of SAPA overall mission and vision with specific attention to one of the main goals that concentrates on unifying all Sudanese surgeons who did their training in USA under one body to gather as much expertise and skill sets that can be used to help our people in Sudan. Our goals as well directed to help Sudanese medical graduates who are interested in surgical training in USA to light their path and ease their entry as much as possible. Career advices, connections and skills development in job searching and interview is part of that process.

 In the future we are envisioning surgical missions to our people in Sudan not to only perform operations and treat the sick ones but as well to set up advanced surgical skill workshops, courses and lectures. Surgical chapter is fortunate to have under its umbrella Sudanese surgeons with wide range of different subspecialties that can be a great resource for our patients as well as surgical trainees in Sudan through telemedicine consultation services which yet to be established. May Allah helps us all to get our beloved country in the frontier of the advanced world, lift the suffer and draw the smile in the face of our people.

Mohamed Akoad

Transplant surgeon at Lahey Clinic Burlington, Massachusetts

Chair ​

Ayman Ahmed

Vascular surgeon at University of Toledo Medical center, Toledo, OH


Public Health Chapter

The public health chapter’s mission is to support health education and awareness, encourage disease prevention, and promotion for the well-being of all.  To advocate for health equity, community involvement, health policy development, capacity building and leadership through positive social change.



Eiman Ziyada​

Chair ​

Nazik Bushara​


Psychiatry Chapter

This chapter is composed of SAPA members with expertise or interest in psychiatry and mental health. Psychiatric disorders are often misunderstood and stigmatized which leads to delay or blockade of treatment and overall poor health outcomes. Members of this chapter aim through advocacy, education, and consultation to reduce this disparity and lead SAPA’s effort in highlighting mental health as an integral component of overall health. They also seek to create a platform for networking, mentoring, research, and program development that benefits SAPA members and by extension, their respective societies whether in the US or in Sudan.

Louai bilal

Chair ​

Hanan Khair allah


Neuroscience Chapter

Neuroscience chapter is a collections of physicians and medical personnel who are experts or interested in neurology branch of medicine, neuroscience chapter works under the umbrella of SAPA, the neuroscience chapter mission and vision allied primarily with those of SAPA, together with the unique goals to achieve in neurology field. All members of the chapters are committed to help advance neurology as a science in Sudan, the immediate goals of the members is to establish a good collaborative network that will help young physicians in their endeavors of neurology training in the US.  The chapter ultimate goals is to help our people in Sudan fighting neurological diseases, many initiatives will focus in transferring the cutting edge knowledge of neurology practice to Sudan through, education, workshops, telestroke, conference calls, and materials support. The main objective is to build a sustainable bridge between US and Sudanese neurology practices.

May Allah help us with our efforts.

Waleed Elnour

Chair ​

Marwa Alnazeer