SAPA COVID19 Task Force


Based on our national and professional duty, and in solidarity with our colleagues in healthcare and the entire people of Sudan, the Sudanese American Physicians Association (SAPA) has formed COVID19 Taskforce to develop and execute strategies targeting COVID19 combat in Sudan.

Protection of physicians and healthcare workers (PPEs for physicians and healthcare workers in Sudan):

SAPA team has been in contact with officials from the Federal Ministry of Health (FMOH) Khartoum state Ministry of Health and other states to assess the need for PPEs.

SAPA purchased PPEs delivered till date in coordination with local suppliers and manufactures::

  • 196,000 facial masks
  • 95,000 gloves pairs
  • 4,500 protective gowns
  • 3000 coveralls
  • 50 reusable surgical gowns 
  • 10,000 reusable facial masks

The distribution included six other states apart from Khartoum State, including South Darfur, Sinar, Gadarif, West Kurdufan, Gizera.

Total PPEs cost to date is 74,823.00 USD

This helped hospitals and medical staff to provide medical services in a critical time during the COVID-19 pandemic  

Medical staff Housing

SAPA signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Khartoum State Ministry of Health in May 2020 to provide housing for the healthcare team working at Khartoum Hospital isolation center. SAPA sponsored a rent of a hotel facility with fifty rooms, two beds each. The intention is to ensure the medical staff and their families’ safety and the medical services continuation in the center.

Total cost: 12,000 USD per month.

Knowledge Sharing

SAPA team has also been working closely with the management of the COVID-19 isolation centers in Jabra and Wad Medani to provide expert aid in healthcare workers’ training through knowledge sharing platforms. SAPA has signed an MOU with Khartoum State Ministry of Health, and El Gizera State Ministry of health to provide Tele-Medicine services to support the medical staff in need, mainly in intensive care units. Similar MOUs is under progress with other states.

Healthcare Infrastructure

SAPA initiated and implemented a new triage system in Sudan through a triage tent model.SAPA participated in the design of the tent system in collaboration with Sudanese engineers. SAPA COVID-19 TaskForce designed the triage protocol.

Five units successfully implemented at Elshab Hospital, Bahri Teaching Hospital, Omdurman Hospital, Ibn Sina Hospital, and Chinese Sudan Friendship Hospital.  SAPA and SAPA partners provided the full funds. SAPA and partners published a blueprint for this prototype, and it is available now for potential donors.

Price per Tent Unit: 3780,00 USD

Total Units implemented to date: 5

Total Units planned: 10



SAPA is conducting a series of different Online Lectures and Training Sessions targeting healthcare workers (physicians and nurses). Training focuses on how healthcare providers should approach COVID-19 patients and how to protect themselves from acquiring the disease. SAPA had published high quality dedicated specialty sessions, provided by American Board-Certified experienced physicians in the disciplines of Intensive care, Infectious disease, Pulmonology, Cardiology, Nephrology, OBGYN, Psychiatry, and Public Health.

Community engagement and outreach efforts:

The COVID19 Taskforce identified raising community awareness and involvement in fighting COVID-19 as a top priority. The team identified the strategy of raising awareness on sanitization practices, social distancing, self-quarantine through a partnership with community leaders to spread awareness messages and distribute instructions and information. This effort included leaders of Sufi orders, leaders of political parties, and neighborhood committees. 


SAPA COVID19 Community outreach provided 20,000 posters and 1000 leadership leaflets to raise awareness and engage the community in the effort of limiting community transmission to more than 70 committees in 6 different states in Sudan. The materials, posters, and leaflets were all prepared and designed by SAPA members. SAPA purchased and distributed personal protective equipment, hand sanitizers, speakers, and disinfection sprayers to the community teams to aid with the logistics of distribution and awareness.

Total Community awareness campaign: 3004.00 USD

To support the public health measures addressing the prevention of COVID-19 pandemic spread in Khartoum State and in collaboration Sadagaat Charity Organization and Emergency Board of Neighborhoods Committees, SAPA conducted “Hand on Hand “which targeted the support of vulnerable populations, particularly the poor and people engaged in the informal economy with their essential food supply needs for three weeks during the stay home order instituted by the Sudan Government. SAPA provided financial support during phase one of the initiative to cover as many families with the goal of up to 3100 families.

Total Community support campaign: 53,825.00 USD

In the US, the SAPA community office provided a Toll-free phone number for the Sudanese community (starting with New York State) to answer their COVID-19 related concerns and questions.

Collaboration with other organizations

SAPA also is one of the founders of the Sudanese Organization Coalition to combat COVID-19, which supported the Federal Ministry of Health with providing PPEs, building central oxygenation systems in few centers, and purchasing diagnostic materials from Canada.

Media coverage

SAPA utilized communication outlets to provide live presentations, interviews, and to publish videos to increase public awareness about this pandemic. The Sudan National TV broadcasted some of the Videos produced by SAPA. SAPA media team is also working closely with local media outlets and radio channels. Corona center, an animation series, currently broadcasts regularly in collaboration with Radio Hala.

Toll Free

In the US, the SAPA community office provided a Toll-free phone number for the Sudanese community (starting with New York State) to answer their COVID-19 related concerns and questions.

Medical Equipment

SAPA received a grant for 100 BiPAP machines from Mount Saini Hospital, NY state. In collaboration with Federal Ministry of Health in Sudan, SAPA was able to distribute the 100 machines to multiple states and hospitals in Sudan.

SAPA Tent Triage Blueprint