SAPA Mentorship Program

Fellowship Mentorship Program

SAPA has established the “Fellowship Mentorship Program” to help connecting US fellowship applicants of Sudanese descent with SAPA members working within the same specialty/subspecialty of the fellowship who would provide guidance and mentorship to the applicants early in the process. If you are a current or intended fellowship applicant, or currently in residency training and planning to apply for a certain fellowship, and are interested in joining the program, please fill and submit this form.

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Fellowship Mentorship Program Application Form

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Career Development and Research Office on the e-mail

Personal Statement Review Program

SAPA has established the “Personal Statement Review Program” as one of the intended programs aiming to help US residency applicants of Sudanese descent preparing for the upcoming application/match season. If you are a current or intended residency applicant, and are interested in joining the program, please fill and submit this form below, and attach your personal statement.

Personal Statement Review Program Application Form

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If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Career Development and Research Office on the e-mail

SAPA Professional Resource Survey

This survey is a very crucial and essential to develop a strong resource to our membership and residency applicants. Please contact us if you have any concern or question. Akram Ahmed and Ammar ELJack; Email: ,; Phone: 507-271-8549, 312-619-2557.

Educational Activities


One of the main strengths of SAPA is the academic and clinical capabilities and experiences that SAPA members have. This turns SAPA into an inherently powerful academic organization. With such potentials, educational and academic activities had to be established that will benefit not only SAPA members, but physicians, dentists and pharmacists both in the US and in Sudan.

The Career Development and Research Office puts as one of its main objectives the professional advancement of SAPA members and their counterparts in the US and Sudan. Understanding the SAPA’s strength, educational activities/programs were and are being established to satisfy that objective. Described here are some of the educational programs in which the office is engaging, which represents three lines of activities:

Research and Evidence-Based Medicine

With a long-term vision of involving SAPA members in research and scholarly activities, the office started a line of research-related educational activities. This will start with providing the basics of research and evidence-based medicine, progressing to more advanced skills like meta-analysis methods, and proceeding to journal club discussions and active research projects.

Currently, a curriculum in the “Basics of Evidence-Based Medicine” was constructed, its activities are being developed.

Continuous Medical Education

Utilizing the outstanding expertise SAPA members have, the office is reaching out to all members to develop educational materials in the form of live and recorded videos, panel discussion, and targeted programs. The office contributed to the live videos presented as part of SAPA efforts  to educate the healthcare providers about COVID-19. Currently, the office is in the process of starting a continuous program of “board-style questions and interesting case scenarios” for discussion.

Training Applicant and Trainee Guidance

The Career Development and Research Office understands the importance of guiding residency and fellowship applicants and new interns through the application process and to set them up for a strong start during their first year of training. Hence, guiding materials are being developed for that. Currently, the “Intern Survival Guide” project is being developed, with already multiple videos being prepared to assist new interns gain understanding of the nature of residency in the US.