Project Submission Guidelines 2021 Update

Guidelines For Application And Sponsoring Of Projects


SAPA aims to support and or sponsor projects which aligns with SAPA’s mission, goals and strategy. The objective of this document is to provide information and guidelines to its members on the detailed process of project proposal submission.

Formal members have significant input in the governance and operations of the organization by electing all board of directors and executive committee associates. They are encouraged and expected to play an active role in the design and implementation of the organization’s programs.  Elected board and executive committee associates need to be able to leave their personal and professional agendas behind and make decisions only for the best of the entire organization.

The following are the categories for projects submitted to SAPA



SAPA members are entitled to submit project proposals as applicants. An individual member can only hold one project at a time. Individual offices at the Board of Directors also have the right to submit projects. Although Applications can be submitted at any time from all categories, only those from SAPA members will be reviewed upon submission. Those submitted by external applicants will be reviewed according to specific time for external project evaluation.


The nature of SAPA sponsoring may be in one or more of the following forms:

  1. Financial support in part or in whole
  2. Assistance in fund raising
  3. Endorsement


Applicants are encouraged to contact the Secretariat to submit their proposals. Project proposals must be submitted to the SAPA Secretariat by e-mail:

 For better comparability and assessment of submitted project proposals, the application form is standardized. Application forms are found in this link


The Secretariat checks the formal category of the applications. The Secretariat will forward the application to the appropriate channel as whom in the chart.

Member and Chapter initiated proposals

The Secretariat forwards qualifying proposals to the Project Review Committee which will review the proposals in depth according to the project reviewed criteria posted on website, and complete individual evaluation reports for each project. The Project Review Committee members will forward the recommendations to the board of Directors within one week of receiving the proposal. The applicant will be notified of the final BOD decision within two weeks of the original submission.  

External applicants

SAPA believes that there is a wealth of projects, ideas and initiative that worth considering and hence will entertain reviewing external projects during specified time of the year. External applicants are encouraged to submit their proposals to the Secretariat office. Eligible applications will be forwarded by the Board of Directors to Project Review Committee periodically for comment and review. Applications which will be considered are those which align with SAPA’s goals and mission and with the active strategic plan of the organization. For further criteria of the accepted proposals click on the following link