SAPA Sudan Student Associate
Groups (SSSAG)



SAPA Sudan Student Associate Groups (SSSAG) project is an initiative of Sudanese American Physicians Association (SAPA) to recruit Sudanese medical, dental, pharmacy and public health students to collaborate with SAPA. Students have the opportunity to collaborate with SAPA prior to their graduation. Volunteering in SAPA’s projects is a great way to gain personal and professional experience while making positive changes in their communities. The vast array of volunteering options offered by SAPA provides opportunities for students to get involved and develop skills and insights not taught in the classroom. Student volunteers will enrich SAPA’s projects and creates lasting impacts on the health and wellbeing of communities and betters the lives of all involved. 


        Get more manpower and talents to support SAPA different activities.  

        Expand SAPA’s network in Sudan in the medical community.  

        To enhance the university experience of students and prepare them for a successful career. 



          The applicant must be at least 18 years old.

          The applicant must be currently enrolled as a student with good standing in a medical, dental, pharmacy or public health school/college/faculty in one of the universities specified (University of Khartoum, University of Gezira, Al Neelain University or Alzaiem Alazhari University), with no less than 6 months left in their education at the time of the application deadline.

          The applicant cannot be eligible for any category of membership in Sudanese American Physicians Association (SAPA).

          The applicant must have no indictment or conviction for a felony, or engagement in an act of moral turpitude.

          The applicant must have no engagement in conduct materially prejudicial to the interests or purposes of SAPA.


          Involvement in health-related extracurricular activities that expose applicants to project planning and execution, teamwork, and leadership.

          Previous experience in health-related and medical NGOs and/or student groups/entities with focus on leadership positions.

          Personal attributes: critical thinking, leadership skills, team management skills, conflict resolution.


          Establishment and leadership of SSSAG within the applicant’s faculty/college/school and university: The selected applicant is expected to:

o   construct and lead their own group of volunteers from the students of their school/college/faculty and university, including keeping a roster of the selected volunteers.

o   manage their group activity on a regular basis, including task assignment, supervision and monitoring and evaluation.

o   be responsible for the projects run by their group under the umbrella of SAPA.

          Organizing the involvement of the corresponding SSSAG in the agreed-upon SAPA project/activity, in collaboration with the assigned SAPA person/body: The selected applicant is expected to:

o   serve as a liaison between SAPA and the corresponding SSSAG.

o   communicate on regular basis, as determined so for, with the assigned SAPA person/body regarding the SAPA project/activity to which the corresponding SSSAG is assigned.

o   ensure SAPA activity/task assigned to the group is fullfilled as deemed appropriate, and communicate issues that potentially affect that.

          Developing and managing optional SSSAG-initiated project(s), in agreement with the group volunteers, that would be run under the umbrella SAPA, pending the approval of such projects/activities by the assigned SAPA person/body.


To apply, please fill the application through the link below (CV uploading is required). Application deadline is February 21, 2021.

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For any questions or inquiries, please contact SAPA through the e-mail: