We’re a humanitarian membership-based organization.

SAPA is dedicated to fulfilling its goals:

Developing and implementing sustainable healthcare programs aimed at improving the accessibility of health care services, and the health of its Members’ communities in the United States and Sudan.

Current Projects

Past Projects

Overview Of Previous Projects in Sudan

Flood response. Vector control project to combat hemorrhagic fevers, in Kasala, Sudan.

Omdurman Maternity Hospital Emergency room Renovation

Improved the state’s laboratory equipments

COVID 19 Community Support

Genina Hospital 200 medical beds and mattresses in West Darfur

Have a New Project Idea?

As a SAPA Member you have access to our resources and our network of members, volunteers and collaborators. You can make your idea a reality by applying for a new SAPA project. Your project will be reviewed by our Projects Review Committee and if adopted by SAPA, you will have all of us working with you to make it happen!